I’d always wanted to build a house and could never see my way to do it. How ever could I undertake such a project? I was truly clueless. I remembered being told about Steve Sypher, when I decided to settle for a kitchen and master bath renovation. During the course of that project, I saw possibilities with Steve and asked him if he would be interested in building that house I’d always wanted to do. I consider myself fortunate that he said yes.

Building lots are so scarce, that I began looking for tear downs. I found a house that was in terrible condition due to decades of neglect, but it was in a wonderful neighborhood in a great location. After getting Steve’s opinion, I bought the house, thinking we would tear it down.

On Steve‘s recommendation, we did a whole house renovation to my personal specifications. I am now living in and loving this house, now truly my home.

Were it not for Steve, it would never have happened. I had quickly grown to have confidence in his abilities as a contractor. That I was clueless no longer mattered because Steve knows what he is doing. Even though everyone who saw the “before” house thought I had gone crazy, I was happy and excited to dive into a project where I knew I could place total confidence and trust in the man who would be in charge.

Steve is professional and honest, direct when necessary, patient with answering questions and explaining how things work, determined to try to keep to an established budget. He has good ideas and good judgment, knows how to solve problems, plan and oversee the work to be done. He has a cadre of excellent sub-contractors. He knows how to work with the city in obtaining permits and inspections.

I can say truthfully and without hesitation that I have never once been disappointed.